Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pick up your shield!

Wow, the winds of change are blowing. (Did you feel it Kristin?) We've sensed for a while that the winds were about to shift directions, and they really have. It wasn't even subtle - it was like all the weathervanes were pointing west and then a gust of wind blew through and now they're all pointing east.
I don't know about you, but a lot of "stuff" has gone down in the last week or so - big things, little things and really extraordinary things.
David's search for a new job has really begun. Resume complete - applications submitted, and the search continues. In the middle of all that - there's a big change. I guess it's a priority shift and a recognition of our place in what God's doing around here. I can't imagine him searching for a job at any other time - and he is finally a BSU grad, so his degree will make pursuing a job that much easier.
As for what God is doing, well - he's shaking things up. Not in a little way. In a really big way. (so, Cassidy, you might want to get ready to 'sing opera'!) From the things I've been reading, God is calling things out all over the country. Things that need to be repented and ways that need to change - right now! My sis-in-law just wrote to me and said that they had a similar wind change at their youth camp last week. She said the alter was surrounded with young people repenting and releasing deep dark sins that they had been bound to. That there was so much freedom gained in one week.
The stuff in my head is so big, I'm having trouble tying it all together, but here are a few words that have been spoken that I think are really relevant.

*Kristin's vision of gathering tulips - and realizing that the harvest season is short*
*Erica's dream of the storm gathering, the flood waters rising - and the people standing around talking about how they should plan for it, instead of moving to higher ground.*
*My picture of the tsunami - the turning on a heel and running fast, warning all who will listen*
* Carly's picture of someone choking, and standing up to help them - then getting distracted before she reaches them*
*a picture of blueprints of the church - and realizing that somewhere in our history the blueprint was misinterpreted, so we've built the church over and over again, but part of it is out of spec. Now after all these years of church, we have recognized that error and are afraid to fix it because it's going to be really messy. It will take some major demolition to get to that error and fix it - but it's GOT to be done*

Some kind of conclusion? No, not this time - this is just the beginning of some really big things. Let's say this is the launch pad. I say, gather your weapons, and don't forget your shield - 'cause it's time for taking this next ridge! Anybody with me?

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