Friday, February 16, 2007

Long time ... no typing.

So, it's apparently been months since the last time I sat down and typed a "blog" entry. Why? (you may be asking?) Because... there were holidays, and projects galore... and 2 kids under 3 (one of which has been potty-training for what seems like eternity). That's enough excuses right? Don't get me wrong it hasn't all been busy or hectic, but for the most part, anytime I've had any energy, I've been taking full advantage of it with projects around the house, and when I haven't had energy, I've been taking full advantage of that and laying down napping and such.
We've had a very eventful start to 2007, and it's been really great to get so many projects done in so little time. After Christmas David only had to work 1 week of nights, and then he did the ol' switcheroo to "day shift". Which has been SO great - and I can't begin to describe how much I love day schedule.
David got some new power tools for Christmas and has definitely used them around here. He set to work on projects that I had even forgotten were on the "list of projects". And we're nearly done painting every corner of our house. Each wall and item, and piece of furniture makes me really like our "old" house.
With another baby on the way, we decided to utilize the other bedroom in this house, and make a small "boy" bedroom in the basement. That room had previously been used as a guest room/sewing room/storage room, so it mostly just needed to be cleaned out and "updated" to a room fit for Peter. That project is finally complete and Peter has been sleeping in there this week - who knew having the kids in separate rooms would allow them to sleep-in every morning? What a nice change of pace. Gracie is now sleeping in a "big girl bed" (her silly grandpa's old twin bed) and she's very proud of that accomplishment.
In days of immense energy I would do as much as humanly possible - painting, sewing, cleaning, etc. and the house is definitely coming along. I've lost my "sewing room", but that's been ok too - I've adapted a "portable sewing" routine, and am able to get my stuff out and put it away with ease at this point. I'm hoping to continue with the Nampa Farmer's Market this season, although, I will take a much more relaxed approach this year. I enjoyed it so much last year, and would really like to keep those connections with our rapidly growing community.
Now we're in the last few weeks of patiently waiting for our new bundle of joy - and for once, I'm not feeling too stressed out about the idea of having 3 kids under 3 years old. I'm looking forward to what this spring has to offer.
All of this just to say, we're still here, just too busy to sit down very often. That is changing pretty rapidly as I get closer to my due date, I'm having to sit and rest a lot more than I'd like to admit. Check back soon for new baby photos and intriguing stories of giving birth:)