Wednesday, August 16, 2006


About 6 years ago, I received a word from a pastor, saying that I would be known as a “Daughter of Thunder”. I’ve tried to figure this out for quite a few years. What does that mean exactly? Usually, I have been mostly discouraged when I think of this and how I don’t see myself that way, so why would God? and If I’m supposed to be thunderous, when will I be given that opportunity?
A day or two ago, I was sitting outside, full-on daydreaming, and it came to me, what this was all about, and how I didn’t need to wait for an opportunity, that this was a picture of who I’m supposed to be all the time.
Dutch Sheets, in his book “Intercessory Prayer”, talks about how we’re supposed to represent Jesus here on earth. He says represent means to “present again” , “to exhibit the image and counterpart of; to speak and act with authority of the part of; to be a substitute or agent for”.
So, I can’t actually be Christ, but I can represent Him, and if He is all light, then I can be thunder. There is no thunder without lightning, and if you’ve heard the terrifying sound of thunder, you know the lightning that created it was an awesome sight. I always thought that this word to me, meant that I would be given an opportunity to be really loud, but now I think that I am given an opportunity every day to represent the awesomeness that is Jesus.
Cool huh?!


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