Friday, May 11, 2007

What are you waiting for?

This week I have had this phrase going through my head "What are you waiting for?". I know this isn't just for me, so I'll let you in on a secret... you can't sit around and wait for all your ducks to be in a row! Think about how many times you've said something like "When I [insert excuse here] - then I will [insert ministry here]."
Excuses sound something like this: When I: "finish this training" "find a spouse" "have kids" "am financially stable" "sell my house" "buy a house" "clean my house" "have a perfect marriage" "feel better" "am healed" "have more time" , etc.
Ministries sound something like this: I will: "feed the hungry" "preach the gospel" "give financial support to missions" "become a missionary" "serve my local church" "reach out to my neighbors" "exercise my spiritual giftings" ...

All those "excuses" are valid - they fill up our lives. They can be fulfilled, but let's just say that they don't. Let's say you are broke for the next 50 years - does that mean that you aren't meant to support missions? no. If you are only "kinda" healed, and still have more ailments, waiting in queue to be healed too. What if you are never fully healed here on earth - does that mean that you can't move forward and preach the gospel? no. Now, I believe wholeheartedly that we are called to pray that all those things happen. We can be healed, we can have a healthy marriage, we can be financially stable, we can sell our homes, etc. but we cannot afford to wait around for our "stuff" to be taken care of before we move forward in the things we know we have been called to do. See, if God has called you to something, he already knows your imperfections, and called you to it anyway.

I was thinking of one of those Ironman races - you know the ones that last FOREVER? Swimming, biking and running? And people train for years for one race. Even people in seemingly great shape, barely crawl across the finishline. Then you'll see that one guy - that lost his leg in some horrible incident - and he's in this race with a prosthetic leg! And he's finishing it! Why? Because he wasn't going to let something like "not having both legs" stop him from the goal that was set before him.

So, here's my point that deserves some pondering... What are YOU waiting for? I say, do it! Now is the time! Silence the excuses and make your God-given goal your priority. Let's see what happens!!

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