Thursday, March 22, 2007

No Surrendering!

Ella's first 2 weeks have been great. She is really calm and peaceful. She eats like a champ, and sleeps like the rest of the Schram family - so we'll keep her! The other kids had a rough couple of weeks, but today they're seeming a lot more like "normal".
Grace's 3rd birthday is on Monday and she is SO excited about her getting "3" and chocolate cake, and Grandma and Grandpa are coming. I think she's said that a couple dozen times already today.
Adding another baby to the mix really did bring an incredible amount of joy to our home - but in the middle of last week, both David and I were sleep-deprived and really feeling grumpy. And in the few moments where it was just me and the 3 kids, it got pretty chaotic, so I was starting to really wonder if I could do this all day with just me and the kids. The disharmony only lasted for a couple days, but I definitely do not want it to be welcome here.
At church we've had a different sort of battle cry lately - "I will not surrender my joy!" I definitely feel like we had to fight for it recently, but it is here. Joy in perfect measure for the 5 of us.
David went back to work this week, and so far - I've managed without him. It was really great to have him here the last 2 weeks, although I know he had to go back to work. I'm so thankful that he has a job where he can afford to be with us when we need him.

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