Saturday, September 30, 2006

Clean up - clean up, Everybody Clean up!

Part I of operation "get the house in order" has been accomplished. The yard sale, while not entirely successful, got all the junk out of our house and into the backyard. Then, the committee that runs Cornerstone Art Gallery announced they were having a garage sale to raise funds for the gallery, so I donated everything that didn't sell. Now, we're pretty close to junk-free. Hooray!
Now we just have a few huge items, that we're going to be taking for sale at a consignment shop one at a time... the rolltop desk, the kitchen table and a sofa (if you're in the market for any of these, please let me know, I may be able to cut you a deal).
Now, on to Part II - organization and decoration :) - I'm very excited that we've picked colors for pretty much every room/hallway in the house, and are beginning total transformation of our home. The beige/off-white, that covers our entire house, is so drab, and boring, and completely uninspiring. On the organization front, we're a few steps away from having all the storage issues taken care of, but I think that everything is at least out of our way, and out of sight right now.
As for the family - David is is actively searching for ways for his job to be day shift only - whatever that takes really. With a family, friends and a church family, it's pretty difficult to work night shift half of the year, every year. Not to mention, the physical, emotional and spiritual ramifications of sleeping during the day and working during the night. Please pray that David will be able to just transfer to another position at Micron, and make what he's making or more.
Gracie has been on an artistic journey this week. Either coloring, drawing or painting with watercolors - all week long. I mean, she would even put her food aside and ask for colors. She gets so lost in her "colors", that she forgets about everything else. Luckily, for me, when she's coloring, she's nearly silent, and doesn't move from her position for hours.
Peter on the other hand, cannot be contained. Last night, I left the kitchen for 30 seconds, and Gracie starts yelling, "Mommy!!!, Peter!!!" - I walk in there, and he's sitting on the table (he crawled up there from his booster), he sat there with a huge grin on his face. He will eat for an entire hour, peas, carrots, cereal, water - and then if someone else eats in front of him, he cries until he gets more! - From everything I have read, toddlers stomachs are only the size of their fist, but he eats enough to fill both of my fists, maybe both of David's and Gracie's. And he's just on the move all the time - climbing, crawling, biting, playing - what a difference from Gracie at that age.
I'm feeling a lot more energy these days, and for the first time in months, I'm feeling creative again - so, I have a few projects in the works, and am really excited about doing some "fun" stuff again.
The fall weather is supposed to start sometime next week, and we can't wait. It will be so great to wear sweatshirts again. Not to mention our birthdays are coming up... then the holidays, and pretty soon, it will be the end of David's night shift for this year.


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